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What is My Personal Music

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“My Personal Music” is a creative blend of original, catchy songs, which are personalized with your child’s name sung throughout each song.

The musical album combines upbeat, clap-your-hands, dance-along songs with soothing lullabies that are guaranteed to thrill and please your child. By making your child the center of every song, the lyrics foster high self-esteem and promote a positive self-image.

Any name can be ordered! The CD you order will have your child’s name on the label with the correct spelling. Your child’s name sung a total of 63 times throughout the musical program.

Available Format:

My Personal Music is available as an Audio CD with MP3 files. The CD is a mixed mode CD, which means that it has CD audio files and digital mp3 files. The CD can be played on a standard CD player, but it also contains digital MP3 files of the songs that you can easily transfer to your computer or digital audio player. Just insert the CD into your computer and drag the mp3 files onto your mp3 player or smart phone.

What people are saying...

A Baby Was Born
  1. 1. A Baby Was Born
  2. 2. Splash Splash Splash
  3. 3. Christopher Is His Name
  4. 4. Christopher’s Song
  5. 5. Go To Sleep

My Personal Music - CD
My Personal Music - CD
Audio CD with digital MP3 files.
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  3. Repeat for each name you want to order.
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We will ship the CD to you by US mail. The CD can be played in a standard CD player, and you can put the CD into a computer drive and transfer the mp3 version of the songs over to an mp3 player or smartphone.

If you’re lost, please send us an email using the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you with help.