Let’s do a show. Email me at live@dancurtismusic.com.

If you would like to have me come perform in your home, church, school, restaurant or other venue, please get in touch. I would love to play a special concert for you and your guests, or perhaps for a fundraiser. I am extremely flexible and can play on a piano you provide or bring an electronic keyboard. The type of show I play is adaptable to your particular venue.

  • Piano solo only
  • Piano with vocals
  • Electronic keyboard, solo piano music
  • Electronic keyboard with vocals
  • Add video support to any of the above (See demo below)

If you would like to talk about scheduling a performance now or in the future, please email me at live@dancurtismusic.com.

Now for my newest show. I have come up with a new type of concert that needs a little introduction.

I have always been a one-man band. I write the music I record and perform. I play all the instruments, sing all the parts, and record in my own recording studio. This has made it difficult to recreate all my recorded music on stage, so I have generally only performed my solo piano pieces and songs that only require single instrument accompaniment and vocals.

A while ago I got the idea to create a show that incorporates video to perform additional musical parts that I have played in my recordings. My setup includes a large screen LCD video monitor that I play video of myself playing other parts as well as other video elements that complement the live performance.

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